One of the first ACC’s I worked on in Malaysia was located next to a river. I was surprised at first why someone would build this large, high ACC structure to condense the turbine exhaust steam; why not use the river for once-through cooling or for evaporative cooling? Looking closer, I noticed that the river was used extensively by the local population for fishing and watering their livestock & fields. It soon became clear that the river water was “untouchable” and was the reason why wet cooling systems were crossed off the list of cooling options. Now that is a “cool” product I thought; my passion for ACC’s was born.

Today, I am happy & proud to say that LACC-JNK Inc. customers and suppliers get to experience the fact that our company is built with people that have the same passion for ACC’s. Our team strives to take charge and ‘raise the bar’ of expectations for ACC’s throughout the world by using our combined knowledge of this product. Currently, LACC-JNK’s network spans the globe and high quality ACC’s can be supplied anywhere in the world in a very short delivery time at a competitive price.

LACC and their joint venture partner, JNK have a unique approach in serving the clients; it starts with the sales process, where our business development managers are located strategically so that almost all our major clients can be served in their own time zone. LACC-JNK has control over every critical step in supply of ACC’s using the single row tube technology: from the production of aluminum clad steel plates that are used to fabricate the oblong shaped tube and the brazing of the aluminum fins, up to the time when the ACC is commissioned at site for start-up.

LACC-JNK’s technical experts were pioneers in the introduction of the state of the art single row tube technology in the 90’s, which is today’s industry standard for air cooled condensers. The design & engineering team members who are located in Korea have extensive experience in the design and fabrication of the ACC structure & ducting, interconnecting piping, and tanks. There is no doubt in my mind that this dedicated team of highly qualified professionals will satisfy the highest expectations of all our clients in the ACC industry.

Time for a cool change