Portfolio Category: Complete ACC Systems

Grande Prairie Rebundle – Alberta, Canada

In August, 2015, LACC-JNK Inc. was awarded the rebundle project for the Canfor Green Energy Biomass Plant.  The project will be completed in stages, ultimately replacing all existing old multirow finned tube bundles with LACC-JNK’s state of the finned tube bundles.  The project scope of supply will also include a new vertical expansion...

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Atacama II – Antofagasta, Chile

In December, 2014, LACC-JNK Inc. was awarded its third contract award from Abener for the Atacama II project.  Atacama II is a duplicate project of Atacama I.  LACC-JNK will supply and construct the complete ACC system for the 110MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant.  The ACC will be 10 cells and is expected to...

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Atacama I–Antofagasta, Chile

On August 1st, 2014, LACC-JNK Inc. was awarded the contract from UTE Abener Teyma Cerro Dominador to supply and construct the complete ACC system for the 110 MW Atacama I Concentrated Solar Power Plant.  Currently, all material has been delivered to site and construction is underway.  The planned completion date for the ACC...

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POSCO- Gwangyang, Korea

In January 2013 LACC-JNK Inc. received a contract from POSCO E&C in Korea for the supply of a complete ACC system with 20 cells for SNG Gwangyang in South Korea.    The commercial operation is planned for 2015.



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