LACC-JNK Inc. is a global company working in the power industry that was incorporated in the USA in 2011. LACC-JNK’s mission is to design and supply high quality Air-Cooled Condensers (ACCs) within the shortest lead time possible, anywhere in the world.

LACC-JNK’s staff consists of all-round experts in the ACC industry with many years of experience in every aspect from designing, engineering, construction and commissioning. With extensive experience in the design, fabrication and modularization of air-cooled condensers, LACC-JNK makes a solid team. LACC-JNK team members combined have decades of experience in thermal, acoustic, structural and duct design and fabrication as well as project execution, ACC modularization, procurement and construction supervision. This experience covers all kind of seismic areas, extreme climates, severe wind and coastal conditions.

Short introduction to Air Cooled Condensers

An Air-Cooled Condenser is a heat exchanger using ambient air as the heat sink to absorb heat directly from steam at vacuum conditions, condensing the steam and recovering the condensate, as would be typically used in an electric power station.

An Air Cooled Condenser is a 100% direct dry cooling system, it requires no water for operational purposes. This means there’s no water consumption (e.g. water lost by evaporation) nor water withdrawal (e.g. used water that’s returned to its source, like for example in once-through cooling systems).


LACC-JNK’s scope of supply traditionally includes: tube bundles, a supporting structure, A-frames, a steam duct from the steam turbine interface, risers, steam manifolds & headers, condensate & drain pumps, condensate & drain tanks, holding and hogging air evacuation units, interconnecting piping, and controls & instrumentation. Please refer to the simplified Process Flow Diagram below for the typical scope of supply and battery limits. Evidently, LACC-JNK can offer the possibility to add several options, like a pre-humidification system, a fin tube cleaning system, sectionalizing valves, etc…