LACC-JNK provides a full range of ACC services in order to fulfill the needs of its clients.

Inspection service

LACC-JNK can provide inspection services for Air Cooled Condensers to assist in trouble shooting whenever there are operational/control or quality issues with the existing unit.

ACC performance upgrade

Whenever a performance upgrade of an existing ACC is required, LACC-JNK can provide a wide range of solutions depending on the available budget. The first step in the process is to obtain the technical information and operating data for the existing unit to allow our applications engineers to evaluate what kind of solution can be offered. As part of the ACC upgrade project it is recommended to evaluate the ACC performance before and after implementation, so that the performance improvement can be quantified.

Replacement of heat exchanger bundles

In the past, most air cooled condensers have been equipped with multi-row heat exchanger bundles, which have inferior thermal performance characteristics compared to the state-of-the are single row tube technology. Evidently, if the bundles are damaged or if the air fouling is irreversible (which cannot be avoided with multi-row tubes), these can be replaced. However, more and more owner/operators are recognizing that it makes sense from an economical point of view to replace all multi-row bundles by the single row tube technology, even if there is little or no damage to the heat exchanger bundles. The higher thermal performance associated with single row tubes may result in very short and attractive payback periods, as a consequence of the reduced power plant heat rate and increased net generation.

Addition of cells to an existing ACC unit

If an ACC needs additional condensing capacity, then one of the options is to add cells to the existing unit. LACC-JNK can supply the additional cells based on the geometrical requirements in order to accommodate the existing ACC configuration and available plot area, and provide the required design and engineering input to ensure that the additional cells are added appropriately to the existing unit so that no operational issues will occur.