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Control access to web content and block web threats with advanced threat defense and real-time global threat intelligence

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Strong Defense Against the Latest Threats from the Web

Preemptive, layered web defenses start with the Global Intelligence Network

Powered by the Global Intelligence Network, Symantec WebFilter and Intelligence Services deliver real-time web content protection, security categorization and web application control. The web filtering service automatically filters and categorizes billions of URLs into over 80 predefined categories, including 12 security categories that can be easily managed by IT administrators. When combined with Symantec Secure Web Gateway, including Blue Coat ProxySG, you have the most accurate and granular web application control policy engine for your entire enterprise web filter and cloud access protection.

The Advanced Intelligence Services provide additional new services that add more flexibility and options to your webfilters, content control, policy and security management with URL threat risk levels and geolocation.

  • Cloud web filtering, with real-time categorization
  • Filtering of billions of URLs, websites, and web applications
  • Blocking 99.99% of threats

Introducing Threat Risk Levels

Go deeper than web filtering and categorization, and get risk insight for websites

Symantec Intelligence Services* offers the ability to assign risk ratings to millions of websites, empowering enterprises to implement granular and effective controls over their web traffic, even when no category assignment is available from the webfilters. With Symantec, enterprises can customize and deploy threat risk control policies based on their specific business needs and risk tolerance levels. They can eliminate high-risk web traffic, while allowing access to sanctioned websites and applications with acceptable risk levels.

Find out why you need threat risk levels and how to effectively deploy risk levels with the latest Web Isolation technology.

Introducing Geolocation

Implement policy based on website geographic location

Symantec Intelligence Services* offers the ability to get geolocation information for websites, giving enterprises the added ability to apply policy and control based on a website’s geographic country location. Used with web filter solutions, including categorization and risk levels, enterprises can implement granular and effective controls over their web traffic. In addition, geolocation is available to identify country location of web users, making it an effective tool when used with Reverse Proxy and Web Application Firewall (WAF), to implement restricted access to web properties.

Find out all that Intelligence Services, including cloud web filtering has to offer.

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